v Debenham LC (away) 10/8/19

We journeyed down to Debenham

To play at Friends’ Meadow,

The wind was gushing manically

And in strength seemed to grow!

The Shannocks had the better start

With chances carved out well,

But come the second half, the hosts

Absconded from their shell!

Although it was not right until

The dying moments when

A twist and cross from George Abbott

Helped Ash add to his pen.

He lost his marker easily,

From close range volleyed home,

Leaving the Debenham defence

To, from their mouths, all foam!

It’s two in two for Jarvis now,

A top signing he’s been,

But sadly, with the final touch

The football gods were mean!

The Hornet’s Seccombe headed home

A cruel blow, but we’ll take

The positives, a point away

Our heads we shall not shake!

In tough conditions, over all

A point apiece was fair,

And through this brand new learning curve

Write us off if you dare!

Next week we travel down to March

Again we’re on the road,

Chris Wigger and his great tactics

The teams’ brains will decode!

The Reds have settled in so well

Each week they give their all,

It’s such a pleasure to witness

This passionate football!

Great Yarmouth Town (Home) 6/8/19

All programmes flew out of the hut

The crowd gathered pitchside,

And underneath the evening sky

There was nowhere to hide!

Great Yarmouth brought a bunch of fans

The atmosphere was set,

A fierce Norfolk coast derby we

Were soon about to get!

The match began with frantic pace

The ball whizzing about,

Yarmouth creating chances, but

Birdy keeping them out.

The Shannocks stepped it up a notch

Producing bullish waves,

Whilst Great Yarmouth’s Elvijs Putnins

Pulled off some super saves.

Jarvis and Cary teamed up well

And just before the break,

After a piece of link-up play

Delivered was a quake…

Of nerves beaming out from the stand,

A penalty we’d won…

And Jarvis, on his full debut

Smashed home – the business done!

The second half changed early on

Another yellow card,

For Grieveson gave the Reds a boost

As they pulled up their guard.

Half chances came, to no avail

The last fifteen quite tense,

With ten the Bloaters tried their best

To climb Sheringham’s fence.

But once again the lads dug deep

They fought for every ball,

And Yarmouth huffed and puffed but could

Not break the Shezza wall!

With three good points now on the board

Let’s bring on Saturday,

When we travel to Friend’s Meadow;

It’s Debenham, away!

Lakenheath Away

Our first match at this higher tier
In Suffolk at The Nest,
Proved to be tough, a difficult
Afternoon summer test.

The hosts shot quickly out the blocks
But for their huff and puff,
They couldn’t find the net at all
And chances they would fluff.

The second half was better, and
The Shannocks stepped it up,
And showed quite clearly why they had
Just won the Sterry Cup!

On 56, a super goal 
By Kerry did take place,
It caused the stand to roar with pride
Etching smiles on each face!

A fab run and a world class pass
Was followed by a cross,
That left the debutant to score,
His finish full of gloss!

The Heath were swiftly fired up
And scored a sloppy goal,
And then a free-kick afterwards;
Resistance took its toll.

The lads dug deep and got stuck in
They fought for every ball,
With captain Cox leading his troops
Defending strong and tall.

An equaliser almost came
But it was not to be,
A bunch of positives we’ll take
Patience will be the key.

On Tuesday Yarmouth come to town
Let us recharge our motors,
For our first home game at The Rec
When we take on The Bloaters!

The New Season!

The Eastern Counties league awaits

The Shannocks are on fire,

Who knows what next season will bring

The Reds could yet go higher!

Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn Res and Diss

Lakenheath and The Ghosts,

We look forward to visiting –

Taking points off our hosts!

But win or lose we’ll get stuck in

And do our hometown proud,

And once again, with all our hearts

We’ll cheer the boys on loud!

Shannocks Fan!

I’m a Sheringham FC fan who loves watching the lads and penning match reports – in poetic form.

These back-to-back promotions have

Sent us to dizzy heights,

While our neighbours just down the road

Have had a bunch of frights!

But on we’ll march, both loud and proud

League Two is now in sight,

And if we keep on going strong

We could, we will, we might…

Be playing in Europe quite soon

The Champions League is near,

And very soon, before you know

Juventus may be here!

At Weybourne Road we’ll take on all

Arsenal, Chelsea and Diss,

With Nelly up top we can win

Each team we shall dismiss!

Bring on the new season I say

Let’s stimulate the soul,

And get behind the boys in red

Cheer on goal after goal!

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