Sheringham F.C. Poems

(Supported by the North Norfolk News)

“We went and won the Sterry Cup

We’re Sheringham – we’re going up!”

Created by a Sheringham FC fan who loves writing match reports – in poetic form.

I hope you enjoy them – they may even give you a giggle – or slight twitching of the lips!

Cheers Wigger!

Thank you Mr Wigger
For all that you’ve done:
Back-to-back promotions and
A super league cup run!

The football played: real tasty,
Your vocal chords – on fire!
Good luck Wigger and Eadie
At Leiston – three tiers higher!

Our new boss, big Hallers
Will, I have no doubt
Bring to Weybourne Road lots more
For us to shout about!

Once again, cheers Wigger!
All the best to you,
Time’s gone fast, it’s been a blast
As up the leagues we flew!

v Debenham LC – 7/3/20

At Weybourne Road the Reds were stung
The Hornets nicked three points;
A game that slipped away and put
Noses right out of joints!

The Shannocks started brightly and
A trip on Lawrence Cheese,
Allowed, on four, Cary to fire
Home from the spot with ease.

The lead did not last very long,
A free-kick on the left,
Swung in – and was glanced neatly home
With our ‘buzz’ now bereft.

Tim Cary went close for the hosts
And Debenham worked hard;
A solid side – that versus pace
In defence would be scarred.

During the break, out on the pitch
A very welcome sight:
Big Nelly! Could he be back to
Give defenders a fright…

The sun shone as the second half
Quickly got underway,
And soon after, a rocket launched
Did NASA’s go astray…

Graeme Hinton let one rip,
His screamer smashed their net,
A better goal in any league
You’d be lucky to get!

The visitors gained strength and with
Just twenty-five to go,
A cool finish to Jacko’s left
Dealt us another blow.

And five later they took the lead,
Rogers with the assist
As this game, sadly for Shannocks
Took yet another twist!

We tried – but it was not to be;
A crazy, bizarre glitch,
Summed up in added time when our
Corner flew off the pitch!

On blunders – Debenham cashed in
And then they shut-up shop;
A win, that in truth, they deserved
All mess – up they did mop!

We play again on Tuesday week
And we’ll recharge our motors,
To get back to those winning ways
Against the Yarmouth Bloaters!

v Diss Town – 22/02/20

Intense winds bombarded the ground
As we took on Diss Town,
And as the game progressed, its strength
Refused to calm right down!

The first half saw a lot of balls
Zoom high above the stand;
The weather playing quite a part:
Giving a helping hand!

The best chance of the half fell to
The Shannocks goal machine,
Who headed way over the bar
Leaving him on: nineteen!

The visitor’s best effort flew
Upwards towards the Splash,
And could have given – on the slide
A swimmer quite a bash!

But come the hour, come the man
This time from a free-kick;
That beat the wall, keeper and all
And knocked out their first brick.

It swung into the bottom-right
To give Shannocks the lead,
Their defence broken down at last
Through Cary’s scoring greed!

The Reds defended well all game,
Young Smith: man of the match,
Got stuck in and battled hard…
And then the ‘great dispatch!’

Deep on the left flank Boycey struck,
Top corner was the aim;
The ball smashed into Diss’ net
When pinging off the frame.

A truly world class goal from Boyce
Marlene will be so proud!
On eighty-three it caused ear popping
From the noisy crowd!

From this hard-fought Diss-mantling spree
(Which overall was fair),
Another big match – in Suffolk
For, we shall now prepare.

It’s Ipswich Wanderers away
A team also in form,
And after this fantastic win
Let’s see the Shannocks swarm!

v Felixstowe &Walton Res (away) – 08/02/20

On the Suffolk coast, the Reds
With top scorer, Tim, out
And no goals in our last two games
Did not expect a rout!

But two minutes was all it took
For goals to flow again,
And what a busy afternoon
The ref had with his pen!

Dan Crosby started off the spree
From close range: firing home;
And then his tasty long-range ball
Saw Coxy, airborne, roam!

He guided it into the frame
A finish full of gloss
That doubled up the Shannock’s lead,
A beauty from The Boss!

Young Wilson, on his full debut
Impressed right from the start;
And when given the ball to run
Tore Felixstowe apart!

He placed the third goal nice and cool
And then – step up the Cheese…
With opportunities galore
The big man said, ‘Yes please!’

He finished calm when through he ran
But strangely, come the break,
Although 4-0 was excellent
Yet more was there to take!

After the restart, Boycey’s shot
Flew high (into the trees),
And soon, a strange jaw-dropping miss
Occurred through Lawrence Cheese.

But no problem, as on he fought,
There was no need to fret.
And shortly after, our forward
Would bulge the home side’s net.

Some silky footwork from Wilson
And Ben Boyce – nice and slick,
Set up the forward for his brace…
And then for his hat-trick!

Great teamwork and Boycey’s volley
Added number seven,
Then, with only minutes left
We were in Rogers heaven!

Dan received encouragement –
The vocal travelling crowd
Spurred him on with great banter –
(Much of it rather loud!)

Clean through he charged determined-like
The keeper just to beat…
And bang – the net rippled again
From Danny’s dancing feet!

There is no match for us next week,
On this – we’ll reminisce!
But on Jan, 22nd, we
At The Rec take on Diss!

v March Town United – 01/02/20

The Shannocks could not steal a March
At Weybourne Road this week;
The lads put tonnes of effort in
But goals – we could not seek.

The visitors from Cambridgeshire
Were organised and strong,
And, down the Splash end – noisily
Their fans burst into song!

After clipping our far post
The Hares soon took the lead:
A low ball drilled across the box
Was poked home with tame speed.

Close to the break, 1-0 it was
March goalscorer, Craig Gillies,
Knocked the wind out of our sails
And gave home fans the willies!

The restart saw the wind gain strength
Intense it was, for sure;
It must have been because March players
Kept falling to the floor!

The Reds fought on, but no goal came
Their net could not be found,
In fact, the best chance of the half
Went whizzing out the ground!

March Town pushed up – clean through they ran
With time to pick a spot;
But high and wide it fizzed towards
The Splash pool yoga lot!

The Hares held on to claim three points,
It was one of “those” games;
With Boycey and Crosby missing
We missed our bigger names!

Away to Felixstowe is next
To Dellwood Ave we’ll stroll,
All fired up to win again:
Our engine stoked with coal!

v Mulbarton Wanderers (away) – 25/01/20

Mulberry Park was the venue
League leaders were the test,
The Shannocks fought for every ball
On this new three points quest.

The hosts were matched; half chances shared
A pretty even game,
But sadly W.W.E.
Action – to it – brought shame.

Somehow, after the ‘move’ on Cox
A yellow card was shown,
Which from the angered travelling fans
Caused more than just a moan!

The best chance of the half arrived
Not long before the break,
A free header inside the box
Mulbarton could not take.

The best during the second came
When Cheese went charging through;
The keeper saved it well, before
The home team’s courage grew.

The tackles made were fiery,
And finishing: quite poor,
But then, with just thirteen to go
Unlocked was our backdoor.

Jacko made a brilliant save
When through the Wanderers dashed,
And at the far post, Tom Amos
Poked home – as in they cashed.

The Reds pushed forward in the hope
Of finding their reward,
And if there had been one, it would
Have looked a harsh scoreboard!

The clock seemed to tick rapidly
And for time – out we ran;
Competing with the league’s best side
We’ve proven, though, we can!

Next week, although in February
March we will take on;
For a top-four finish, dreams
Shall stay; they have not gone!

v Wisbech St Mary (away) – 18/01/20

v Wisbech St Mary (away)

In manic mud conditions we
Battled at Beechings Close,
Hoping that our unbeaten run
Would gain another dose!

Saint Mary took an early lead
And, just before the break,
A really massive blow – unfair
The Shannocks then did take.

An offside goal (so blatant that)
Stevie Wonder would see,
Sent all tensions soaring as charge
On did the Wisbech ‘three!’

The ball was poked past Jacko whilst
Away noise amplified;
Vocal ticking-offs took place
As many tempers fried!

The turning point came post half-time –
A world class tackle saw
Back from the harsh jaws of defeat
Our hopes of comeback claw.

The Saints broke clear, and two-on-one
Were just about to shoot,
When Captain Cox – in van Dijk style
Swiped the ball from his boot!

We chugged on but no goal would come
It was a heavy slog,
But then, at last, our number one
Took place upon the bog!

With fifteen left the boggy pitch
Enjoyed Crosby’s free-kick,
Which beat the wall, keeper and all
Ice cool and calm and slick!

And then top scorer Tim broke free
On the bog: number two,
Arrived after he flicked it home
And business for us – do!

Chances were carved at either end
And like Leiston last week,
From two behind we bust a gut
As for three points we’d seek!

It was brill to see Abbott back
When coming off the bench,
A class player that, without doubt
Will have great thirst to quench!

Two each it stayed, and overall
The plusses we shall take,
There are lots of games left to play
And plenty is at stake.

Next week we head to Mulbarton
The league leaders sit clear,
But Reds, without a single doubt
Will travel – minus fear!

Chris Wigger’s done a smashing job
The whole club: one big team;
It’s seven games unbeaten now
As on we charge full steam!

v Leiston Res – 11/01/20

The wind was gushing violently
Into its teeth we’d sail,
But after only five minutes
Burst out did one long wail!

A long strike carried by a gust
First dipped into our net,
And then a very silly goal
Caused us Shannocks to sweat!

Determined, we fought on and just
Before the half-time break,
A great run and ball from Kerry
Let Smith cause a noise-quake!

His rasping strike with power helped
To turn this game around,
It sparked vocal eruptions that
I’m sure were Cromer bound!

Post half-time the Reds stepped it up
The wind now on our side,
Extension to the winning streak
Was not to be denied!

Connor Kerry equalised
(He had a cracking match),
And with plenty of time still left
A third goal we would snatch!

After a scramble in the box
Whilst fans’ limbs did freeze,
Who blasted home making us ‘smile?’
The big man: Lawrence Cheeeeese!

With the clock ticking away
Leiston Res could not handle
The silky run of Super Tim –
The Weybourne Road net vandal!!

He dinked it past the keeper, who
Was stranded, all at sea,
To seal the deal and win three points
And send us home with glee!

Another fab shift from the team,
The quality now ‘scary!’
Next week we face the bottom side
Away: Wisbech St Mary!

v Cornard United (away) – 4/1/20

After the drive to Blackhouse Lane
We parked up, but soon found,
No shuttle service was running
To take us to the ground!

Over the muddy grass we trudged
To watch the boys in red;
On entering the stadium
And paying at the ‘shed’

Discover did we that we had
Outnumbered Cornard’s fans,
Whilst on the pitch the Shannocks were
Out to scupper their plans!

The first half was even, although
A penalty: stonewall,
Was given as a free-kick when
Cheese took a nasty fall!

The Ards defender took him down
They could not handle him,
Each time he got the ball he’d turn
And past each of them skim.

After the break – the goal – at last
From Tim Cary’s head came;
Air pinball deep inside the box
Looped through their wooden frame.

Davies stood in for Coxy, who
Was in the U.S.A.
He organised the team ‘loudly’
And kept Cornard at bay.

Dan Crosby and Boyce got stuck in
Young Smith and Kerry too,
The game was under control, and
The second goal did brew!

A box cafuffle soon took place
And our man: Lawrence Cheese,
Who ‘Brie’d’ past players trouble-free
Smashed home with stellar ease!

With fifteen left the hosts replied
Straight from a corner kick!
Big Jacko got his hands to it
But in it flew – most slick.

The Shannocks held on and deserved
The three points; but by gum,
The final ten (it’s fair to say)
Caused one large squeaky bum!

Next week it’s Leiston Res at home
Let’s see our fanbase grow;
We’ve won five matches in a row
As E I E I E I O
Right up the Thurlow Nunn we go!

v Fakenham Town – 28/12/19

Another year comes to an end
And what a cracking show
Was put on down at Weybourne Road –
It’s four wins in a row!

A mascot led the Shannocks out,
The bumper crowd pitch side,
Focused their eyes in eager mood
And noise was amplified.

Although the first half – scrappy(ish)
(Chances at both ends: missed),
The match-winning moment arrived
After a Cheesy ‘twist!’

Big Lawrence – straight after the break
Turned past his man with ease,
And powered home to do the biz –
‘Grate’ work by Mr Cheese!

The atmosphere was tasty and
‘Streat Kitchen’ was the same,
Mouth-watering food and football
A yummy derby game!

With Ghosts creating chances and
Ref whipping out his card,
The Shannocks army – to a man
Defended their rearguard!

Captain Cox arranged his troops
Crosby – man of the match
Drove on the lads; for Fakenham
Though – nothing ‘real’ would hatch!

They huffed and puffed but brave we stood
Our wall would not erode,
A hard-fought win, but all the best
To our friends down the road.

It’s two clean sheets now on the trot
In home games for the Reds,
Up the league we soar once more
But on will stay our heads!

We’ll climb the table rung by rung
And into the new year,
March on we shall in cheerful tone
With not a thing to fear!

It’s over eighty miles next week
When we land in Cornard;
A Happy New Year to you all
From this Sheringham bard!

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