v Wisbech St Mary (away) – 18/01/20

v Wisbech St Mary (away)

In manic mud conditions we
Battled at Beechings Close,
Hoping that our unbeaten run
Would gain another dose!

Saint Mary took an early lead
And, just before the break,
A really massive blow – unfair
The Shannocks then did take.

An offside goal (so blatant that)
Stevie Wonder would see,
Sent all tensions soaring as charge
On did the Wisbech ‘three!’

The ball was poked past Jacko whilst
Away noise amplified;
Vocal ticking-offs took place
As many tempers fried!

The turning point came post half-time –
A world class tackle saw
Back from the harsh jaws of defeat
Our hopes of comeback claw.

The Saints broke clear, and two-on-one
Were just about to shoot,
When Captain Cox – in van Dijk style
Swiped the ball from his boot!

We chugged on but no goal would come
It was a heavy slog,
But then, at last, our number one
Took place upon the bog!

With fifteen left the boggy pitch
Enjoyed Crosby’s free-kick,
Which beat the wall, keeper and all
Ice cool and calm and slick!

And then top scorer Tim broke free
On the bog: number two,
Arrived after he flicked it home
And business for us – do!

Chances were carved at either end
And like Leiston last week,
From two behind we bust a gut
As for three points we’d seek!

It was brill to see Abbott back
When coming off the bench,
A class player that, without doubt
Will have great thirst to quench!

Two each it stayed, and overall
The plusses we shall take,
There are lots of games left to play
And plenty is at stake.

Next week we head to Mulbarton
The league leaders sit clear,
But Reds, without a single doubt
Will travel – minus fear!

Chris Wigger’s done a smashing job
The whole club: one big team;
It’s seven games unbeaten now
As on we charge full steam!

Published by ShannocksPoet

Sheringham resident and proud!

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