v Mulbarton Wanderers (away) – 25/01/20

Mulberry Park was the venue
League leaders were the test,
The Shannocks fought for every ball
On this new three points quest.

The hosts were matched; half chances shared
A pretty even game,
But sadly W.W.E.
Action – to it – brought shame.

Somehow, after the ‘move’ on Cox
A yellow card was shown,
Which from the angered travelling fans
Caused more than just a moan!

The best chance of the half arrived
Not long before the break,
A free header inside the box
Mulbarton could not take.

The best during the second came
When Cheese went charging through;
The keeper saved it well, before
The home team’s courage grew.

The tackles made were fiery,
And finishing: quite poor,
But then, with just thirteen to go
Unlocked was our backdoor.

Jacko made a brilliant save
When through the Wanderers dashed,
And at the far post, Tom Amos
Poked home – as in they cashed.

The Reds pushed forward in the hope
Of finding their reward,
And if there had been one, it would
Have looked a harsh scoreboard!

The clock seemed to tick rapidly
And for time – out we ran;
Competing with the league’s best side
We’ve proven, though, we can!

Next week, although in February
March we will take on;
For a top-four finish, dreams
Shall stay; they have not gone!

Published by ShannocksPoet

Sheringham resident and proud!

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