Cheers Wigger!

Thank you Mr WiggerFor all that you’ve done:Back-to-back promotions andA super league cup run! The football played: real tasty,Your vocal chords – on fire!Good luck Wigger and EadieAt Leiston – three tiers higher! Our new boss, big HallersWill, I have no doubtBring to Weybourne Road lots moreFor us to shout about! Once again, cheers Wigger!All […]

v Mulbarton Wanderers (away) – 25/01/20

Mulberry Park was the venueLeague leaders were the test,The Shannocks fought for every ballOn this new three points quest. The hosts were matched; half chances sharedA pretty even game,But sadly W.W.E.Action – to it – brought shame. Somehow, after the ‘move’ on CoxA yellow card was shown,Which from the angered travelling fansCaused more than just […]

v Wisbech St Mary (away) – 18/01/20

v Wisbech St Mary (away)18/01/20 In manic mud conditions weBattled at Beechings Close,Hoping that our unbeaten runWould gain another dose! Saint Mary took an early leadAnd, just before the break,A really massive blow – unfairThe Shannocks then did take. An offside goal (so blatant that)Stevie Wonder would see,Sent all tensions soaring as chargeOn did the […]

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