v Felixstowe &Walton Res (away) – 08/02/20

On the Suffolk coast, the Reds
With top scorer, Tim, out
And no goals in our last two games
Did not expect a rout!

But two minutes was all it took
For goals to flow again,
And what a busy afternoon
The ref had with his pen!

Dan Crosby started off the spree
From close range: firing home;
And then his tasty long-range ball
Saw Coxy, airborne, roam!

He guided it into the frame
A finish full of gloss
That doubled up the Shannock’s lead,
A beauty from The Boss!

Young Wilson, on his full debut
Impressed right from the start;
And when given the ball to run
Tore Felixstowe apart!

He placed the third goal nice and cool
And then – step up the Cheese…
With opportunities galore
The big man said, ‘Yes please!’

He finished calm when through he ran
But strangely, come the break,
Although 4-0 was excellent
Yet more was there to take!

After the restart, Boycey’s shot
Flew high (into the trees),
And soon, a strange jaw-dropping miss
Occurred through Lawrence Cheese.

But no problem, as on he fought,
There was no need to fret.
And shortly after, our forward
Would bulge the home side’s net.

Some silky footwork from Wilson
And Ben Boyce – nice and slick,
Set up the forward for his brace…
And then for his hat-trick!

Great teamwork and Boycey’s volley
Added number seven,
Then, with only minutes left
We were in Rogers heaven!

Dan received encouragement –
The vocal travelling crowd
Spurred him on with great banter –
(Much of it rather loud!)

Clean through he charged determined-like
The keeper just to beat…
And bang – the net rippled again
From Danny’s dancing feet!

There is no match for us next week,
On this – we’ll reminisce!
But on Jan, 22nd, we
At The Rec take on Diss!

Published by ShannocksPoet

Sheringham resident and proud!

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