v Diss Town – 22/02/20

Intense winds bombarded the ground
As we took on Diss Town,
And as the game progressed, its strength
Refused to calm right down!

The first half saw a lot of balls
Zoom high above the stand;
The weather playing quite a part:
Giving a helping hand!

The best chance of the half fell to
The Shannocks goal machine,
Who headed way over the bar
Leaving him on: nineteen!

The visitor’s best effort flew
Upwards towards the Splash,
And could have given – on the slide
A swimmer quite a bash!

But come the hour, come the man
This time from a free-kick;
That beat the wall, keeper and all
And knocked out their first brick.

It swung into the bottom-right
To give Shannocks the lead,
Their defence broken down at last
Through Cary’s scoring greed!

The Reds defended well all game,
Young Smith: man of the match,
Got stuck in and battled hard…
And then the ‘great dispatch!’

Deep on the left flank Boycey struck,
Top corner was the aim;
The ball smashed into Diss’ net
When pinging off the frame.

A truly world class goal from Boyce
Marlene will be so proud!
On eighty-three it caused ear popping
From the noisy crowd!

From this hard-fought Diss-mantling spree
(Which overall was fair),
Another big match – in Suffolk
For, we shall now prepare.

It’s Ipswich Wanderers away
A team also in form,
And after this fantastic win
Let’s see the Shannocks swarm!

Published by ShannocksPoet

Sheringham resident and proud!

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