v Cornard United (away) – 4/1/20

After the drive to Blackhouse Lane
We parked up, but soon found,
No shuttle service was running
To take us to the ground!

Over the muddy grass we trudged
To watch the boys in red;
On entering the stadium
And paying at the ‘shed’

Discover did we that we had
Outnumbered Cornard’s fans,
Whilst on the pitch the Shannocks were
Out to scupper their plans!

The first half was even, although
A penalty: stonewall,
Was given as a free-kick when
Cheese took a nasty fall!

The Ards defender took him down
They could not handle him,
Each time he got the ball he’d turn
And past each of them skim.

After the break – the goal – at last
From Tim Cary’s head came;
Air pinball deep inside the box
Looped through their wooden frame.

Davies stood in for Coxy, who
Was in the U.S.A.
He organised the team ‘loudly’
And kept Cornard at bay.

Dan Crosby and Boyce got stuck in
Young Smith and Kerry too,
The game was under control, and
The second goal did brew!

A box cafuffle soon took place
And our man: Lawrence Cheese,
Who ‘Brie’d’ past players trouble-free
Smashed home with stellar ease!

With fifteen left the hosts replied
Straight from a corner kick!
Big Jacko got his hands to it
But in it flew – most slick.

The Shannocks held on and deserved
The three points; but by gum,
The final ten (it’s fair to say)
Caused one large squeaky bum!

Next week it’s Leiston Res at home
Let’s see our fanbase grow;
We’ve won five matches in a row
As E I E I E I O
Right up the Thurlow Nunn we go!

Published by ShannocksPoet

Sheringham resident and proud!

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