v Leiston Res – 11/01/20

The wind was gushing violently
Into its teeth we’d sail,
But after only five minutes
Burst out did one long wail!

A long strike carried by a gust
First dipped into our net,
And then a very silly goal
Caused us Shannocks to sweat!

Determined, we fought on and just
Before the half-time break,
A great run and ball from Kerry
Let Smith cause a noise-quake!

His rasping strike with power helped
To turn this game around,
It sparked vocal eruptions that
I’m sure were Cromer bound!

Post half-time the Reds stepped it up
The wind now on our side,
Extension to the winning streak
Was not to be denied!

Connor Kerry equalised
(He had a cracking match),
And with plenty of time still left
A third goal we would snatch!

After a scramble in the box
Whilst fans’ limbs did freeze,
Who blasted home making us ‘smile?’
The big man: Lawrence Cheeeeese!

With the clock ticking away
Leiston Res could not handle
The silky run of Super Tim –
The Weybourne Road net vandal!!

He dinked it past the keeper, who
Was stranded, all at sea,
To seal the deal and win three points
And send us home with glee!

Another fab shift from the team,
The quality now ‘scary!’
Next week we face the bottom side
Away: Wisbech St Mary!

Published by ShannocksPoet

Sheringham resident and proud!

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